By Eric

Hello and welcome to this website. If you’ve made your way this far we can assume that you are interested in learning more about how the kidneys work in relation to the health of the human body.


As a current kidney warrior myself, I also used to wonder about the importance of my kidneys and why they had started giving me trouble in the first place.


Now, after all these years of being immersed in the world of being a patient, I want to help other people answer questions about their kidneys as well. Throughout this website you’re going to find the most pressing health questions coupled with the most appropriate and up-to-date answers that will help you find out and handle your kidney issues.


Now, if you are just anxious to get started learning about those very valuable and life-sustaining organs called the kidneys, feel free to use the menu to the left of this screen to get started right away. Just click on the question or topic you’d like to know more about and you’ll find articles, videos, and recommended solutions that will work to address your health needs quickly.


Some of the topics that the website will include:


Where Are Your Kidneys Located In Your Body? – If you were to ask 100 regular people who probably don’t think about their kidneys all that much on a regular basis, where they are located in their body, you may honestly get 100 different answers to this question.


Thankfully, when you have the aid of pictures, diagrams, and other visual tools to help you answer this question pretty easily, you will be very well versed on just what is giving you trouble in your body and why.


What Is the Function of Your Kidneys? – The short answer to this question would be that your kidneys’ main function is to remove waste from your body. But honestly, that’s like saying that the device you are using to visit this site is used just for going to websites. Click the link above or on the side menu to learn about how healthy kidneys are supposed to function and how they work in concert with the rest of your organs to create your most optimum health.


How to Get a Kidney Transplant? – Every year people from all over the world receive kidney transplants that result in varying degrees of success. By this I mean that some people find kidneys that match their body quickly, while others are made to wait for weeks, months, and sometimes years to find that one kidney that is right for them.


And even if there is a kidney found that is perfect for you, there are just no guarantees that your body won’t flat-out reject the kidney just because. Be sure to click to link above to go in-depth about the ins and outs of receiving a transplant for your kidney.


How to Become a Kidney Donor? – The are hundreds of thousands of people who are waiting to receive a kidney donation in order to increase the quality of their lives. Within that group are also people who are looking for a donor to help save their life from prematurely ending.


And while everyone isn’t interested or able to become a life saver for someone else, it doesn’t hurt to know the ins and out of kidney donation just in case.


What Are Kidney Stones and How Can You Get Rid of Them Naturally? – Kidney Stones can be very painful and damaging if not treated quickly and here at GKA we are going to reveal some information to you that will help you break-up the kidney stones that are forming in your body using the most natural methods known today. By clicking the link above or checking the sidebar menu you will be treated to various videos and articles that will help you exponentially in your treatment efforts.


What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Failure? – I’d like to recall a really quick version of how I learned that I had kidney failure. Basically, one day my kidneys worked find and the next day I was told that they were broken. And I’m saying this to say that all of our bodies are different but there will be some things that we will all experience when it comes to knowing our body isn’t at its best.


How to Qualify for SSI Disability? – For those people whose kidney problems have affected their quality of life in such a way that they have to stop working, applying for ssi disability may be the best option for you.


Click the link above or check the sidebar of this page to learn how to qualify and expedite your ssi disability case.

Where to Find Free and Helpful Financial Resources for Kidney Warriors