Happy to Have Pets – How to Value the Little Animals in Your Life

By Eric

I was lucky enough to have my dog Mackers come into my life at a pretty trying time.


I was in one of the most tremulous mental and physical states because I was in the middle of battling Chronic Kidney Disease and my routine consisted of dialysis treatments, sleeping, and eating.


Through all of that, my dog was there to comfort me when I got down, act silly when I needed a laugh, greet me with enthusiasm when I returned home from anywhere, and inspire me to attack life with vigor even when it comes to the most mundane of activities.



In the following few paragraphs, I want to talk how you can value your pets more and use how they live their lives as a model on how we should live our own.


HAPPY to Give – 3 Easy Steps to Becoming More Charitable

By Eric

Do you remember how you first came in contact with this site? Basically I was, ‘hey random person, have you ever thought about giving someone your kidney?’





I guess that is a hell of a way to say hi to someone but when it comes to bringing about awareness for kidney disease and the need for more living donors, abruptness is probably the best way to go (or not).





For all I know you are a person who needs a kidney transplant, (click here if you do) or a person who has another cause that is near and dear to them.






If you do, I’d like to show you 3 easy ways you can be charitable to those causes without having to share any of your organs (although, if you want to do that too click here).


Happy to Win – How Winners Win & How You Can Win This Giveaway

By Eric

There were many little instances in my life and my journey as a kidney warrior that inspired me to create a website and blog built around giving away things that would help create value in people’s lives.





And as part of my mission to develop winning thoughts in myself and hopefully, in you, I wanted to highlight some of the key components used by me to receive my kidney transplant, and past winners of prizes on this site to come out victorious.




By examining the parallels, I’d like to help you win a little more in life.  (more…)

Poem of the Day – When That Call Came

By Eric

I wanted to do something that was creative to capture the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of people like me who have traveled along the long road to kidney health and well-being.



One of the best ways I know how to do that is to put myself in front of a blank screen or piece of paper and try to grasp the right words and sentiment.




This isn’t about perfection, it is about emotion. For me it means going to places in my mind that have either been great centers of joy, or places where I’ve let fear and doubt prevail.



The following is a poem that I wrote to capture what it was like for me when I got the call to receive my kidney transplant. I hope you enjoy.


Celebrating My Kidney Journey - GetKidneyAnswers.com