How Do You Know If You Have Kidney Problems – 5 Signs to Look Out For Every Day

By Eric

When it comes to the human body, there are all types of things that can go wrong with it over a lifetime. In fact, as we age, our bodies are actually expected to start having problems in certain areas.  But sometimes there are ailments or perceived ailments that can crop up out of nowhere that may cause us to have questions that we need answers to.


For the sake of this article, I am going to write about the kidneys, and more importantly, how do you know if you have kidney problems. The following will talk about 5 signs that can be used to give you a heads up on if you have problems with your little beans or not.


Donating a Kidney for Money – How to Get Paid for Giving New Life to a Person in the Form of a Transplant

By Eric

Before I get into writing this article about how a person can get money for donating a kidney, I wanted to express that what I write going forward is purely for entertainment purposes only. This is because as of this writing and for what I imagine will be indefinitely, the buying and selling of organs is illegal and can lead to some serious prison time.


Of course, I can only speak about the laws that govern where I live, which is in the US. The laws that cover the buying a selling or body parts may be different where you live, so it would be in your best interest to thoroughly check before embarking on such an endeavor. (more…)

Kidney Transplant Survival Rate – Things I’m Doing to Increase The Life of My Donated Organ

By Eric

As I sit here and think about how to approach this article in a way that will be informative and motivational to people, I’m reminded that I only have to tune in to my own body to address the main components of this subject.





With each second, minute, hour, day, and several exponents of these time units, it is I, as well as thousands of other people who are living proof of the success rate of kidney transplants. And throughout the rest of this article I’m going to dig a little deeper into how we all can increase the life of ourselves as well as our donated organs too. (more…)

Kidney Transplant Life Expectancy – How to Make Sure You Live a Long Life After Your Kidney Procedure

By Eric

I want to be really honest while I’m putting together this particular article. This is because I can’t speak with certainty about life expectancy after kidney transplant. I wanted to reveal this to you because as of this writing, I’m only about 2 years post-transplant.



I’m not saying that I haven’t done a little research about this subject and that I hope it will be of some value to you, I’m just saying that this post will come from a place of common sense on how we all should carry ourselves post-transplant, rather than from a place of knowing how long you or I will live after our surgery.



In this article I’m going to look at several ways we can all increase the length and quality of our lives once we’ve been given new life. (more…)

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