Does Donating a Kidney Shorten Your Life – A Few Areas of Concern to Look Out For

By Eric

When it comes to finding out if donating a kidney can shorten your life, I’d first like to thank you for even considering becoming an organ donor in the first place.


Deciding to give someone a second chance at life is one of the most unselfish acts of kindness that can ever be displayed by one person to another.



In the article below, I will address some of the concerns about the adverse effects of having one of your kidneys taken from your body and implanted into someone else’s. Furthermore, I will delve into some easy and simple ways that you can actually become a healthier person after giving your generous gift.



Build Better Kidneys – If you really want the answer to be no to the question “does becoming a kidney donor shorten your life span”, you really must change your approach before you make the decision to move forward in the process. Instead of thinking about losing something, think of getting involved as a giver of life as an opportunity to gain something very valuable.


In knowing that you will be giving up one of your essential body parts is a great opportunity to build better versions of those parts. From the time you choose to donate until the actual surgery happens is a great time to start eating a little healthier and getting in a little more exercise to set the stage for a great procedure and a great head start for your kidney recipient to hit the ground running with a great assist from you.




Donating for the Right Reasons – If you, in your heart of hearts, feel that your life would or could be shortened because you donate a kidney then you are probably not a good candidate to be a donor in the first place. My advice would be to stop where your heart tells you to stop. Meaning, if a shorter life rules your thoughts then you probably won’t make it past the psychological component of the donor acceptance process.


To overcome any doubt that you may have about the donation of one of your two healthy kidneys shortening your life, make sure you are committed to doing it for the right reasons and that you truly want to be helpful and aren’t being forced to donate because of some sense of obligation.





After the Transplant – Do you have a post-transplant plan to ensure that donating a kidney does not shorten your life drastically? Just like a kidney transplant recipient has to have a post-kidney transplant plan in order to maximize the longevity of their new organ, you must have a health management plan as the donor as well. This plan is so simple to implement that you are probably doing it right now. It basically involves being as healthy as possible to create an environment within your body in which your remaining kidney can thrive.




In Conclusion – Can donating a kidney shorten the life of the donor? Of course it could, if choices are made that could put the remaining healthy kidney in jeopardy of becoming unhealthy as well. But with that thinking in mind, one’s life could also be cut prematurely short by a number of things that are too many to list here.


When deciding whether you want to become a kidney donor, you must always look at the before, during, and after phases of the process to know if going that route would be thing best thing to do for you.


When it is all said and done, I hope you choose to become an organ donor. Whether you choose to do it while you are still living, or wait to do it when you become deceased, your contribution will go a long way in helping people.


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