Gift Cards & Cash Giveaway

By Eric

My Kidney Journey – Why I’m Giving Away

Gift Cards and Cash + Monthly Giveaway


Before we get to the giving away of the Gift Cards and the Cash, I wanted to give you all some reasons why I am giving them away in the first place. These reasons are in no particular order but they all mean something very valuable to me.



1.  My Kidney Journey – The first reason I’m hosting this giveaway is to tell the story of my kidney journey. In a nutshell, I’m a kidney patient who was on dialysis from early 2009 til late 2013, at which time I received a kidney transplant from a cadaveric donor.




2. Kidney Disease Awareness – The second reason I am giving away gift cards and cash is to help raise awareness about kidney disease. With this giveaway, I’ve found a way to add a viral component to sharing the message about the importance of kidney health.


If you feel that you are experiencing problems with your own kidneys, this website is a great place to learn more information about what you may be experiencing. Use the drop down menu in the sidebar to learn the answers to the FAQs about kidney health.




3. To Inspire You to Help – The third reason I am sponsoring this giveaway is because I want to inspire (pester, annoy…lol) people into becoming living kidney donors for other people. There are a lot of people out there who could use one of your healthy kidneys if you truly have a spare one to share.


I know it is a long shot but to me, it is worth the shot because I have had the fortune of being a kidney transplant recipient of my own and I owe it to others to help with this cause.


If you want to know more about how to become a living kidney donor click here.




4. To Encourage The (Kidney) Warriors – The fourth reason I want to run this giveaway is because I want those people who are looking for transplants to know that they have an ally in me.



If you or someone that you know is looking for more information how to get a kidney transplant click here.



And if you feel like it, contact me via the Contact Page to ask me ANY questions you have about the process of getting a transplant, or any other concerns that I can help with.




5. To Have Fun and Help You Find Your Passion – The fifth reason for doing all of this is simply to have fun sharing my passion and showing others how they can do the same.



Now, let’s get to the Giveaway - Gift Cards and Cash Giveaway






Below are some broad strokes on how the giveaway will work:

  1. There is NO Purchase Necessary to Enter
  2. The Number of Gift Cards or Cash Prizes Given Away Will Vary for Each Giveaway
  3. Gift Cards and Cash Will Be Delivered Electronically Via Email
  4. This Is Open to People Internationally — Void Where Prohibited
  5. Must Be 18 Years or Older to Enter
  6. Winners Will Be Chosen Via Random Drawings Using (
  7. There Are Multiple Ways to Enter
  8. Daily Entries Will Be Allowed (Certain Conditions Must Be Met)
  9.  ALL Entry Methods Will Be Verified Before Winners Are Announced
  10. Giveaway Form Will Display Countdown for Entries (Winners Will Be Contacted Via Email and Announced Via Facebook, Twitter, and Email)
  11. Winners Will Be Notified Via Their Entry Email and Will Have 48 Hours to Respond Before Their Prize is Forfeited and a New Winner is Chosen
  12. Click Here to See Previous Winners from Giveaways I’ve hosted on this site,
  13. Prize Allocation is the Sole Responsibility of Myself,, and
  14. This Giveaway is Not in ANY Way Associated With Amazon, Paypal, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Rafflecopter,Youtube, or ANY Other Organization Mentioned Within the Giveaway.


All in all, I want people to understand the battle that people who are dealing with kidney disease are facing on a day to day basis. If that means that I have to give away Gift Cards and Cash to get people’s attention then so be it.


I want you to enjoy the giveaway but also keep in mind that your kidneys are important and you must do all that you can to take care of them.


Please use the form below to join this Gift Card and Cash Giveaway

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If you’d like to learn more about How to Become a Kidney Donor click here.

Also, learn more about the Importance of Your Kidneys by click here.


Where to Find Free and Helpful Financial Resources for Kidney Warriors