How Do You Know If You Have Kidney Problems – 5 Signs to Look Out For Every Day

By Eric

When it comes to the human body, there are all types of things that can go wrong with it over a lifetime. In fact, as we age, our bodies are actually expected to start having problems in certain areas.  But sometimes there are ailments or perceived ailments that can crop up out of nowhere that may cause us to have questions that we need answers to.


For the sake of this article, I am going to write about the kidneys, and more importantly, how do you know if you have kidney problems. The following will talk about 5 signs that can be used to give you a heads up on if you have problems with your little beans or not.


Back Pain – The first way that you can discover and know if you have or are developing kidney problems is if you start experiencing back pain near the area of your kidneys. This area is located in the mid-lower part of your back towards the sides. Oftentimes this pain can be confused with back muscle pain and ignoring it because you think it isn’t kidney related could cost you valuable time in finding out what it really is.




Vomiting – One of the ways I answered the question “how do you know if you are having kidney problems” for myself is when I started vomiting a lot. I was working a night job where I was exposed to extremely cold temperatures for extended periods of time and the vomiting was another symptom of the problems that were developing with my kidneys.



More Vulnerable to Extreme Heat and Cold – The third way to know if you are developing kidney problems is if you all of a sudden become more vulnerable to extreme heat or extreme cold. If out of the blue these sensitivities become an issue, it may be because you are becoming anemic due to your kidneys worsening.




Loss of Appetite – The fourth way a person can discover if they are having kidney problems is if they suffer from a loss of appetite. I can speak from personal experience that this is NOT always the case when trying to discern a problem with your renal system, but it is something to look out for and pay close attention to.




Major Increase of Decrease in Urine Frequency – Number five of the list of ways to address the inquiry of how can I know if I have a kidney problem is if you start to experience a sudden change in urination frequency. A problem could be coming into existence if you find that all of a sudden you are going to pee way more or way less than you used to.


A change in urination frequency could also mean an issue with your bladder or prostate, but in all likelihood, a problem with your kidneys is probably on the horizon as well.




In Conclusion – While you may not experience all of the precursors to having kidney problems, you are bound to suffer from at least two from this list. In fact, this list isn’t even as comprehensive as it could be but I hope it gives you some insight on some things you should be looking out for to protect yourself and your beans.



And in answering the question “how to know if you are getting kidney problems” you find that you are in fact headed down that path, from that moment on you are better off knowing than not knowing. When you know that these renal issues are cropping up, it means that you can become very proactive in getting the type of medical care and health management that you need.



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