Organ Donation Saved My Life – That Time I Tried to Impress That Cute Lady

By Eric

All I remember thinking was that I was going in to see if I was in good enough physical condition to receive a kidney transplant. In my mind, of course I was, but in my psyche, I had already convinced myself that the kidney transplant support team at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle was going to laugh me out of the door.



But I needed this transplant. I needed to live in a life that didn’t rely on my having to go to receive dialysis treatments 3 times a week for 5 hours at a time. I needed to be able to be in charge of my own life again without feeling like I was a burden to people. I needed to not occasionally vomit on a nurse or dialysis tech anymore because of sometimes feeling really queasy.





To get things started seemed simple enough. I was scheduled to go into the UW Medical Center for a series of physical tests that would determine if my body could hold up under the physical demands of a kidney transplant surgery. I mean, it really wouldn’t make sense to find me a kidney, setup a procedure for me, only to have me not be able to hold up to the rigors of the surgery.



To prepare for the test, I was told to not consume any food or water starting about 10 hours before my appointment  because it could skew that results of the tests, which could hurt my chances in the long run. As for the tests themselves, one included me ingesting a slightly radioactive liquid that would be used in conjunction with a body scan to see if things looked optimum on the inside of my body.




The second test would include a heart-stress test that would require me to run on a treadmill at varying degrees of incline in order to get my heart-rate up and mimic that changes in that rate that would occur during my eventual kidney transplant.



As it was being explained to me I saw it as no big deal until I got into the medical center that morning and saw the woman who would be my motivation for that day. She would be the the woman who would be taking me through these tests.  Truth be told, I’ve forgotten her name but I do remember that she was tall at about 5’10 (I’m 6’3) , leggy, and pretty even in scrubs. Top that off with great people skills and a great sense of humor and I was more than happy to spend my day being bossed around by her.



Now, what I have learned about myself throughout my life is that in a medical environment where I’m really nervous, I like to lean on humor and flirting to ease my nerves.




There is no doubt that having this beautiful technician watching and checking my progress made me put in a little extra effort, because for some reason I had the need and desire to impress her. Whatever the motivation was, I was able to pass those few tests with flying colors. And just by chance, only a few months after those tests, I got the call to receive my kidney transplant.



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