What Is the Function of The Kidney – Simple Ways This Organ Can Add and Subtract from Your Quality of Life

By Eric

When it comes to learning about what the functions and processes of the kidneys are, it can be something that a relatively healthy person may overlook in their day to day lives. When I think about these organs, I like to think about them being kind of ‘lunch pail’ type of workers within the human body.


By that I mean that day after day they just do their job without much fanfare. They are only really ever talked about when they have neglected to do some important part of their vast array of duties. I myself have even had a love/hate relationship with my kidneys over time and I’d like to talk about a few things you gain and lose when they decide to do their own thing.



The Little Beans Are In Charge of Regulating Toxins in Your Body – When delving into what the kidney functions are I want to start with the fact that the help regulate the toxins within your body. They do that by keeping track of what you are consuming and deciding what nutrients would be the most beneficial to your body while choosing to get rid of the rest.



When I decided that I wanted to treat my body like shit, I’m the one who put my own vital organs at risk and that subsequently led to them failing on me. So in my case, when I gained a know-it-all attitude about my health, I lost the ability to have them do those jobs that I had never really thanked them for in the first place.



The Kidneys Also Function to Keep Your Blood Pressure Under Control – Through a series of in-depth processes, the kidneys use the blood vessels that are connected to it to regulate your blood pressure. If you can think of your body as the most sophisticated machine that was ever created you’ll understand that like any machine, it can be overloaded, and when that occurs it must take certain actions to keep it protected. I overloaded my machine and my kidneys couldn’t keep my blood pressure under control. I even messed up to the point where blood pressure control medications couldn’t have saved them because they were too far gone.



When my kidney function ceased to exist and my blood pressure had to be regulated by using meds and dialysis treatments, I became permanently dependent on these things for nearly 5 years.



I Didn’t Pee for Nearly 5 Years Because I Literally Couldn’t – Funny how you can miss some of the simple things in life when you didn’t even know that you may have liked it. I guess being able to urinate was one of those things that I didn’t miss until it was gone. Again, when you ask what the function of the kidney is, this is also an answer that will come forth. All those toxins that the kidneys helped gather up and asked to leave, they are usually asked to do so through urine that the kidney creates.



I’d like to reiterate that I am in no way a medical professional of any kind. All I am is a guy that has had his own experiences dealing with kidney problems and I think learning a little bit more about how the kidneys function could have saved me a bit of pain along the way. And if you are in a place in life where your kidneys concern you, it is always best to seek the advice of a qualified medical pro.



I value what I went through though because I think I am a better person for it.



While I didn’t go into the very minute specifics into all the processes and functions that healthy kidneys can afford us, I have placed a video in the sidebar to give people a more in-depth look into what their body should be doing right now.


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