Where Are the Kidneys Located In the Human Body – Let a Sweet Scientist Be Your Guide

By Eric

Have you ever partaken in the sport that has been often referred to as “the sweet science”? The one where two people square-off in a ring and try to pummel each other for up to 12 rounds?




The reason these two people are facing each other can vary including pride, allegiance, money, notoriety, etc… I ask you this because when it comes to answering the question where are the kidneys located in the body, people that are familiar with the world of boxing are probably the most equipped at handling this query outside of medical doctors themselves.



You see, long before ever going into a match with an opponent, a boxer and their trainer will discuss various strategies on how to defeat the upcoming challenger. These will include how to move in a way that will reduce that chances of being hit. It will also include how to think several moves ahead so they are put in a position to get more meaningfuExample of a Kidney Shot in Boxingl punches in and thus score more points against the person trying to do the same thing to them. One of the best and most highly used punches in the world of boxing is called the “kidney shot”. This is why when it comes to learning where your kidneys are in your human body, a boxer could tell you right away.



A kidney shot in boxing is basically a punch that focuses on hitting an opponent on their side but closer to their back area. Usually it will be lower to middle of the torso in the back and it has been known to bring many tough people to the canvass of the boxing ring. You can tell of its effectiveness because when someone finds where your kidneys sit in your body and decide to punch them repeatedly, you usually will choose to protect that area as opposed to protecting your face. And that is exactly what your opponent is thinking too.


Where Are Kidneys Located


A Quick Glance – If you look at the picture to the right you’ll see where your kidneys should be within the human body. In fact, you may have even experienced pain in your lower back that could be easily attributed to kidney pain.




Best Practice for You – Now that you have a more accurate idea of where kidneys are you can do a little bit of honest assessing of how your kidneys feel. If you are truly experiencing any kind of pain back there then it may be a best practice and in your best interest to go see a doctor about it.



I’ve learned that it is better to be overly-cautious and safe about your kidneys than to be sorry later down the line because you just didn’t take what your own body was trying to tell you seriously enough.


Your kidneys are so important to not only your health but your quality of life as well. Having major kidney problems can and will most definitely hinder you from living your life on your terms.


Take what your body tell you as the truth and take action after that.



Here’s to the overall health of your kidneys and the rest of your body as well.



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